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Here are a few recent media features on Prahlad Acharya and his Speaking Shadows:

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Here are a few memorable ways that the international media has spoken about Prahlad’s Speaking Shadows:


The highlight, however, is a ballet of hands creating shadows that bring to life stories from Indian folklore.
Titled Speaking Shadows, the show by the shadow-play artist Prahlad Acharya tells ancient tales through the use of light and shade.
– The National (UAE)


The shadow art performance by artiste Prahlad Acharya left the audience spellbound. The solo artiste performed to the folk songs — Punyakoti, and Yen Endalaya Seethe.
– Deccan Herald (India)


Shadow play by Prahlad Acharya from Udupi was splendid and entertaining. This is a new genre introduced by Drishti this year. The story of the lion and the cow ‘Punyakoti Kathe’ was rendered with touching shadow movements. The form though limited to shadows did not lack any emotional appeal in its presentation.


“Speaking Shadow” is a mesmerising world of hand shadows weaving highly entertaining and interactive tales from the animal and human world.
– (Australia)


A 7-minute duration shadow art displayed by the international entertainer Prahlad Acharya was continuously applauded by the audience. A ballet of hands and fingers merging to create life on a white screen enthralled and amazed audiences of all age groups.
– (UAE)


The prime events of Tulu Parba-2007 were Magic show by Prahlad Acharya, one of the best magicians in India, (who) made the audience to glue to their seats till the last moment.
– (Kuwait)


Magician Prahlad Acharya mesmerized the audience by his magic tricks, shadow play and Ventriloquism (Mathanaduva Manga). It was a new experience for the Kuwait audience. He tickled the ribs of gathered crowd by his hilarious jokes. Many times audience forgot to clap by the deep involvement and excitement during the magic show.
– (UAE)


But the evening won’t be just about dance. The organisers, Soorya (Singapore), have also invited expert shadow play artiste Prahlad Acharya. The illusionist from Karnataka will perform magic tricks and shadow play to enthral the audience.
When asked what else they can expect from his act, Mr Acharya replied: “My audience can expect nothing but goosebumps!”
– (Singapore)


Another attraction of the day was palm shadow display by an eminent artist from Bangalore Mr. Prahlad Acharya who displayed the freedom fighter using only his palm and fingers followed by a story Punnyakoti which the audience applauded for his magical skills and received a thunderous applauds.
– (UAE)


Prahlad Acharya gave a brilliant shadow play act.


Magical artist Prahlad Acharya performed magical shadows using his bare hands to provide unbelievable of world of light and shades what is called Speaking Shadows, where shadows come to light and weave stories and folklore – a ballet of hands and fingers emerging to create life on a white screen accompanied by music and sound effects. He received a huge round of applause for his super performance.
– (UAE)


Millennium magic award winner and illusionist Prahlad Acharya’s talking doll and shadow show were the main attractions of the programme.
– (Qatar)


Hailed by the media as the “Indian Houdini” for his death-defying tricks, Prahlad Acharya has been entertaining audiences with his magical extravaganza called “Maya Jadoo”. He is also an expert in ventriloquism and shadow-play.
– (India)


The shadow magic performed by Prahlad Acharya became an instant favourite of children and got an enthusiastic applause from them.
– Deccan Herald (India)