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From the pages of The Oman Tribune:

Speaking Shadows

But there was more in store for everyone and as always a Soorya concert always presents something different and unique. This time it was Speaking Shadows – where shadows come to life and weave stories through the amazing artistry of Prahlad Acharya.

Master magician Acharya is among a select few entertainers in the world who use only their hands to produce an unbelievable world of light and shadow  – using cinematic techniques, songs and music to enthrall audiences of all age groups and transport them into another world; where shadows come to life and weave stories and folklore. A ballet of hands and fingers.

His hands play with a source of light to project animated shadows on a large screen conjuring up images, characters and animals crafted from light and darkness. Enter the magical world of Speaking Shadows, merging to create life on a white screen – telling you myriad tales to the apt accompaniment of music and sound effects, forming an experience that can only be described as “a cinema in silhouette”.

Prahlad’s unique storytelling performances offer an entertaining and thought-provoking experience. Clearly, one reason that Speaking Shadows is an award winning internationally acclaimed hand-shadow act.

For his first performance Prahlad brought out all the colour, action and drama of the national song ‘Miley sur mera tumhara’ complete with the India tri-colour flying in the breeze. In another India folk tale, Prahlad’s fingers created a wolf chasing a goat through a forest over the mountains and across a stream very realistically.


Here are a few video clips of Prahlad Acharya’s live performances. An internet search should get you many more.

Prahlad Acharya’s Speaking Shadows: Leaders of India


Prahlad Acharya’s Speaking Shadows: Live with Raghu Dixit


Prahlad Acharya’s Speaking Shadows: Mile Sur Mera Tumhaara


Prahlad Acharya’s Speaking Shadows: Punya Koti Folk Tale


Prahlad Acharya’s Ventriloquism: On TV with Kitty